The FCCP's Big Weekend! / by Belle Verdiglione

Some weekends feel small and others feel big - but a special weekend coming up feels like one of the biggest of my year!! I feel sooo honoured to be included in the Fremantle Centre for Creative Photography’s annual celebration - The Big Event!

FCCP Big Event.jpg

The event celebrates photography of all different categories with eight inspirational speakers across two days of photographic amazingness! It's a great way to get inspired in time for the holidays and develop your photographic skills and knowledge at the same time!


What an absolute thrill to be talking along side these superstars of the photography world - Sarah Adams is sharing the power of stories that she showcases through her amazing portrait photography. Simone Addison suggests ways to capture genuine human interactions - emotion and elation - rather than stiff, posed images. Alex Cearns shares her funny, dynamic and engaging stories of animal photography in Antarctica, the Galapagos and other wild locations. Craig Franke has some stunning tips on all the tiny things in his presentation on macro photography. Shelley Pearson takes us soaring into the world of bird photography and Chris Saunders shares his different view on the world - from the heights of aerial landscape photography. Daniel Wilkins provides us with an insight into photojournalism and the life of a press photographer. Then last, but not least - I’ll share with you my own story of becoming a birth photographer and the sacred opportunities I have as I document new life coming into the world.

Are you interested in coming along? I’d love to see you there!