My First Family Photography Workshop / by Belle Verdiglione

I often get questions from mums, clients and friends about how I capture the photos that I take.

Frances from Perth Postnatal Village and I were talking about this and decided to hold a joint workshop to show mums how to start using their digital cameras on manual and get great shots of their families. It was a really fun morning where we all got to dust off that fancy camera that just sits on your shelf!

Using a digital camera can be overwhelming and the instruction manuals are hundreds of pages long! I got to share my professional secrets to capturing great photos. We had a gorgeous family who modelled for us, and all the mamas got to put into practice what they had learnt including lighting, composition and correct exposure of their images.

I made sure there was time to connect with each mama one-on-one and answer any questions that they had. There was lots of new information to digest! 

All in all though, it was a beautiful day with lots of giggling, snapping pics and snacking on tasty food. 


If you're interested in attending a future Family Photography workshop, email