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amy and ben's Birth Photography registry

Estimated Due Date: November 2019

Ben and I are super excited to be expecting our third baby in a few months time. 

Because this is such a special event in our lives with our third and final baby, we have hired a professional birth photographer, Belle Verdiglione to capture our birth journey. 

Any gift you choose for us would mean so much, though we have all the essential baby items that we could ever need. We would love for you to contribute towards the investment of our birth photography package.

This is an example of what your birth registry page will look like. Please customise your invitation to friends and family and explain why the registry is important to you!

Once your donations reach 100% of the package, I will remove the donation button. 

The value of the donations is not redeemable for cash, but can be put towards an upgraded package or additional photography sessions,  albums, or other printed products.