What is birth photography?

The birth of your baby is likely to be one of the most significant events in your life. Having your birth photographed by a professional means you and your partner can be "in the moment" and not have to worry about remembering to pick up the camera straight after baby is born. Your baby's birth journey will capture the story of their special arrival into this world and those memories will be preserved and passed onto future generations.

When should I book you?

I absolutely love being a birth photographer however I can only take a limited number of births a month. It is best to contact me as soon as you know you want your baby's birth day captured, as my calendar fills up very quickly. Having said that, I have had enquiries from full term mamas/birthing people and had availability, so if you're unsure, please ask.

I love the idea of birth photography but I don't think my partner wants someone else in the room.

Only you can decide if you want your baby's birth day captured. I know my partner was unsure about booking a doula when we fell pregnant with our second baby, however once he met her and understood her role during the labour and birth, he was comfortable with the decision. I respect the birth space and aim to be as unobtrusive as possible and will be a familiar face to you on the day.

I want my baby photographed but I don't think I want birth photographs.

My Day One newborn photo session would be perfect for you. This is a lifestyle newborn photo session captured during daylight hours within 24-48 hours of your baby's arrival. I re-arrange my schedule to make sure I am available to photograph your precious newborn baby and capture all those sweet tiny fingers and toes. This is a perfect session if you have older children who are yet to meet the newest member of the family. Or you can have baby's first bath photographed or organise a time when the grandparents meet your baby for the first time.

I am a private person and I don't want my birth photographs on the internet.

Your privacy is paramount to me. Birth is very intimate and sacred and you have control over what images are used in whatever forum. I do not post any personal information about your birth on social media or use your images without permission. 

Do we meet before the birth?

Of course! I offer one pre-natal consultation to meet you and your partner prior to your birth. Generally if you are birthing at home, we meet at your home. If you are birthing in hospital, we can meet at your home or at a cafe (my favourite coffee shop in Leederville has comfy couches and $2 coffee if you bring your own cup!)

What happens if I go into labour before 38 weeks?

Call me! Most of the time, I am available to attend your birth. I have professional backup birth photographers who are able to attend your birth in the unlikely event that I am not able to photograph your birth. We can discuss these options during our pre-natal consultation.

Do you attend hospital births?

I am comfortable attending homebirths, birth centre and hospital births. I have experience working in Private and Public hospitals and have a great respect for medical professionals. I am professional and discrete at all times and will not photograph medical staff or equipment without consent. I pride myself on being able to work alongside other birth professionals and have built a great working relationship with the incredible midwives and birth workers of Perth. 

I am having a cAesarean birth.  Do you attend cAesarean births?

Having had a caesarean myself, I am familiar with the circumstances of a surgical birth. I do wish that I had hired a birth photographer to capture my caesarean birth as there are moments that I can't remember and I missed my son being weighed and measured. I have had the honour of photographing several caesarean births and I am comfortable in the theatre environment. You will need to obtain permission to have your birth photographed from your Obstetrician and Anaesthesiologist and/or your hospital, prior to your birth. 

If you have an emergency caesarean and I do not have permission to enter the theatre, I will stay in the waiting room until you go into recovery. I can then photograph your newborn baby being measured and weighed, having cuddles with your partner and baby's first feed. 

What happens if you miss my birth?

In the unlikely event that I miss your birth due to any circumstance that is neither the fault of you or myself (for example; a precipitous labour, car accident) I will offer to transfer the balance to a newborn photo session or any other session of your choosing. We discuss this in detail during our pre-natal consultation. 

When do I call you?

Please keep me updated with any signs that you might be in labour. Generally I come to your birth when you are in active labour although if you have a history of short labours, then I will come as soon as you call. Please note that it may take up to 2 hours for me to attend your birth as I need to organise childcare and negotiate traffic. I would much rather be at your birth early than miss the birth altogether.

Do you offer payment plan?

Absolutely! I require a $500 booking fee to secure your spot in my calendar and then we can discuss payment plan options. The remainder of the balance is to be paid in full before 36 weeks. Photographic product including digitals will not be available until after final payment has been received in full.

Alternatively, I now offer PAYRIGHT which is an interest-free payment plan which you can spread out over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months making repayments so affordable. By taking advantage of Payright means you receive your birth photos and complete USB birth package straight away and don’t have to wait until the loan has been paid in full.

Do I receive digital images?

Yes, you receive high resolution digital images in both colour and black and white and presented to you with lots of love on a USB. You have permission to print and share these images for personal use. 

When do I receive my images?

You've just had your baby and of course you want to share his or her photo to your loved ones. I will have a birth announcement and sneak peek from your birth usually within 48 hours of attending your birth. Your package will be ready for collection within 6 weeks unless your packages includes an additional photo session or printed product.

How do I book you to be our birth photographer?

Woohoo this is so exciting! Please fill in your details here and I'll get back to you soon.